Equipment Finance dot net’s resident equipment finance and section 179 guru Fletch has moved:

Visitors to equipment finance dot net have come to expect twice-monthly posts by Section 179 and Equipment Finance expert Chris Fletcher. Indeed, Chris (more affectionately known as “Fletch” or “The Lease Guy”) posted here for years, extolling his words of wisdom in regards to equipment financing, equipment leasing, Section 179, taxes, write offs, and more… along with a good dose of humor and personal anecdotes.

Indeed, Fletch is an odd guy – see, he works in equipment finance, and thus sees signs of leasing equipment and the like everywhere he goes (which must be a real treat for Mrs. Fletch. For example, on a cruise, Fletch wondered what equipment finance company handled the financing for the deck chairs. And was section 179 used? And maybe… it was then that Mrs. Fletch dragged him away for some poolside fun.)

So anyway, Fletch posted at this domain for several years, and built up a respectable readership. But then, Fletch’s employer (an equipment finance company) basically said “you know, we were thinking of starting a blog at the company, and since your personal blog is so business oriented anyway, how about moving it to our domain?” To which Fletch replied “does this mean I get a raise?” They are still in negotiations.

But yes, it all made sense. So Fletch took his equipment finance acumen (and his incredibly tireless praise of Section 179) over to his employer’s website ( Specifically, you can now find his words of wisdom over at You should expect the same old Fletch that you knew here - all of his old posts have been moved over, and he’ll continue writing new stories. At least until his wife gets tired of it all and demands that he leave the world of equipment finance and join the circus or something.

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