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Adrian Ludwig

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In the race between you and your competition:

It’s NOT just who has the best product or price. It’s also about who’s easiest to do business with… and that means offering a MONTHLY PAYMENT OPTION.

Competing with Equipment Leasing
Equipment Lease Companies
Increase Sales with a Payment Portal from Crest Capital... in Two Easy Steps!
Make payment options available
Make payment options available to your customers right on your website!!
Let's face it - companies LIKE monthly payments (that whole cash flow thing). We make it simple for you to offer such, without any work on your end. You just sell like you always have (except now, you're REALLY in the race, because your customers can now get financing.)
Answer what are the payment options
Answer your customer’s big question (“what will my payment be?”) INSTANTLY via e-mail!
No forms, no phone hassles, no sweat… your customer simply enters a finance amount (either cost or budget) and an e-mail address. Viola’, payments for 36-72 month terms are instantly e-mailed to them (studies have shown that this is the only information they want.)


Cost /Budget:

In Partnership with Crest Capital Equipment Leasing Company

Custom Equipment Lease Portal
Important to Selling
Here's something really important: The payment (and you) are now MEMORIALIZED IN WRITING!!!
The payment e-mail, along with your logo and a link back to your site, are now in the customer’s inbox. And there is a L-O-N-G shelf life to these e-mails. We’ve seen deals close MONTHS after the fact.
That's because once someone leaves your site, they're gone. But this e-mail... in most cases, it stays around. When they are ready to buy, it's: *click* > $ale
Offer a Monthly Payment
Real Payments.Real Time. Real Simple.TM
Why Crest Capital?
25 years of providing low-interest equipment financing has taught us how to do it right. For example, our e-mailed quote is a real quote, not a telemarketing lead. You can feel comfortable partnering with us, because we're professionals who will make YOU look good.
Real Payments. Real Time. Real Simple.TM
In Our Customer’s Words
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Adrian's Corner...
Adrian comments about a variety of topics pertinent to U.S. small businesses.
Adrian’s work serves as the catalyst for increasing his dealer partners’ sales, as these programs provide the customer financing that is crucial to closing deals in these tough economic conditions.
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